Quality for Everyone


PT BERDIKARI MEUBEL NUSANTARA are Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter. We have experienced exporting our furniture products globally since more than a decade ago. 

As one of the subsidiaries of PT Berdikari (Persero) which is a State-Owned Enterprise, we are always committed and constantly developing with creative and innovative products with a touch of design style that is unique to furniture products.


PT BERDIKARI MEUBEL NUSANTARA are always capable of producing the product and make furniture that fits your wishes and the consumers demand with high quality and competitive prices

We produce both indoor and outdoor furniture from Indonesia hardwood and Aluminium.

Quality and customer satisfy is our main point to keep the business runing well.

The Property world continues to grow this time, for that we also serve the construction of interior projects from commercial buildings to offices with good quality priorities, on time schedule and customer satisfaction